UK Lottery

The UK National Lottery was founded in 1994 to generate funds for charity. Its popularity grew because half of its sales were given back as prizes. From then on, the total cash prizes have topped ₤19 billion and an equal amount was distributed for good causes.

Every week, there are 750,000 new winners and the annual cash payouts reach ₤1.9 billion in total prizes. The draw days are every Wednesday and Friday with a live telecast on BBC 1 TV.

UK Lottery

There are 6 ways a player can win the UK Lottery. To win the Jackpot (which is comprised of 52% of the prize pool), players must match the 6 winning numbers drawn.

  Prize Pool Division Percentage Share of Prize Money
Division 1 6 numbers Jackpot
Division 2 5 numbers + bonus number £50,000
Division 3 5 numbers £1,000
Division 4 4 numbers £100
Division 5 3 numbers £25
Division 6 2 numbers Free Lotto Lucky Dip

The Millionaire Raffle!

Now, every line you play also gets you an automatic entry into the new Millionaire raffle which gives out a guaranteed £1 million, along with £20,000 to each winner. So now there are two things to check on your entry! Also, when the jackpot rolls, the number of raffle winners of £20,000 grows, creating even more guaranteed winners.

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