Multinational Jackpots

Multinational Jackpots

Do you know that there is a game that lets you enter all American Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Euromillions and EuroJackpot at the same time, for you to possibly win four (4) GRAND JACKPOTS and become the next BILLIONAIRE?

Yes that's right! The Multinational Jackpots is a unique game that allows players to exclusively enter these BIG lotteries whenever a JACKPOT hits and goes over the US$50 MILLION mark!

That means, a player will have the advantage of entering these lotteries when the jackpots are at peak to make sure that the prizes to be taken home are the BIGGEST checks available!

When you subscribe to the Multinational Jackpots, your number combinations for each of these lotteries will be entered automatically, over the period of subscription, whenever the pot prize of any of these games reach the required amount of US$50 Million!

American Powerball

As the holder of the biggest jackpot in lottery history, the USA POWERBALL is the lottery that every player around the world has been dreaming of! To win, you must get all five (5) main numbers and the Powerball correctly. The USA POWERBALL has 1:24 overall odds of winning.



USA MegaMillions

Just like the American Powerball, the USA MegaMillions is also a powerhouse in the lottery world. With BIG jackpots to offer, this lottery has been changing lives since 2002 and that list of winners continue to grow significantly.




Over the years, EuroMillions has already given out more than £2.2 Billion to its jackpot winners and those numbers are fast growing. As of this writing, the EuroMillions already has 2.3 Million winners in total and by playing the Multinational Jackpots, your name could be part of that list soon!




The EuroJackpot is a European lottery that was launched in 2012. Having better winning odds compared to most, winning the JACKPOT in this lottery is closer than ever. The top prize starts at €10,000,000 and rolls over until a winning ticket emerges.



So what are you waiting for? Get your subscription to the Multinational Jackpots NOW and experience winning American Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Euromillions and EuroJackpot in one hit! Good luck!

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