Multinational Jackpots Group Play

Multinational Jackpots Group Play

You have to admit, playing lottery with one ticket is exciting enough. But what if you can PLAY 4 lotteries, with around 25 shared tickets… will you say NO?

I surely believe you won't! And guess what? You can have those perks to enjoy if you enter our Multinational Jackpots Group Play!

The Multinational Jackpots Group Play is a unique lottery syndicate game that gives a group of 25 members the equal chance to enter and take home wins in American Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Euromillions and EuroJackpot!

For a single price of only US$19 per share, you will have the opportunity to enter a Multinational Jackpots Group composed of 25 members for the best chances of winning huge prizes without spending more on tickets! This is like playing lottery with 25 tickets on hand for a price of 1!

PLUS, to ensure that the draws the group will enter are BEST draws out there, we will ONLY enter your games ONCE the jackpot prize for any of these lotteries hit US$50 Million and over!

Excited? You should be!

History tells that playing lottery in NUMBERS is the BEST strategy in taking home the JACKPOT!

This is the time to start playing the lottery in a group to change your fortune for good! Join the Multinational Jackpots Group Play TODAY until slots are available!

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