European Mega Jackpots Group Play

European Mega Jackpots Group Play

A pool of players who buy lottery tickets together (to increase chances of winning at a significantly lesser cost and share in the prize winnings in proportion to each member) is called a Lottery Syndicate/Lottery Group.

Playing lottery in a Group is one of the best known strategies to winning the JACKPOT and here in ITO we are excited to give you this advantage by joining European Mega Jackpots Group Play!

European Mega Jackpots Group Play is a game that gives a player the access to join a Mega Jackpots Group and enter EuroMillions and EuroJackpot when the prize pot is at its peak!

A European Mega Jackpots Group is composed of 25 members that share their tickets equally to improve the groups’ odds of winning! To win the BIGGEST possible prizes, your set of number combinations will ONLY be entered once the JACKPOT for either/both EuroMillions and EuroJackpot hits US$50 MILLION and above!

Sure enough, that is an effective way to become the next BIG lottery winner!

Who knows, your group could be on its way to winning those MILLIONS so be in it and join European Mega Jackpots Group Play TODAY! Best of luck!

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