Euro Millions Group Play

EURO MILLIONS is a pan-European lottery that offers some of the largest lump-sum jackpots in Europe. Nine participating countries - the UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland - combine their lottery ticket sales to create a massive prize fund. Draws are held twice each week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The jackpots start at €15,000,000 and have reached as high as €190,000,000! However, because the lottery is pari-mutuel, even second division prizes can make new multi-millionaires. This is why, over the years, people have been pooling together their money and sharing several entries with a group.

Euro Millions Group Play

We've Organized a Group for You

Lottery syndicates have been winning big lottery jackpots for decades. The logic is pretty simple, you get to play more numbers and spend less when you pool with other people. ITO is offering you that same convenience with an added bonus: 10 prize wins guaranteed for your Euro Millions Group!

When you join a Euro Millions syndicate, you share 288 entries with a group in a pre-scheduled Euro Millions Draw. This gives you 288 chances to win an enormous Euro Millions Jackpot - for just USD$19/Share.

Your Group's 288 shared numbers are scientifically formulated to guarantee a minimum of 10 prize wins in any of Euro Millions' 13 prize tiers. One of these prizes could be the massive first prize jackpot. Don't wait, sign up for Euro Millions group play today!

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