Australian Superdraw

The AUSTRALIAN SUPERDRAW is a special seasonal draw which happens only several times a year. These "superdraws" pay out the largest jackpot prices that lotto enthusiasts look out for because it gives them more chances of winning compared to any other Lotto play throughout the Asia and Pacific region.

Australian Superdraw

From the weekly Australian lotto draw, 5% of the earnings is kept in a reserve in order to build the special fund over a span of several months. When it is time for the SUPERDRAW, all the accumulated money in the fund is added onto the prize pool. The Jackpot prize balloons to a large amount and so do the other prizes.

Over the years, the Australian Superdraw has awarded guaranteed prize amounts totaling to A$19 million. In Australian Lotto history, the largest payout of the OZ Superdraw was a record high of A$33 Million.

The 55% payout of total Australian Lottery earnings is the highest compared to the 45% payout in the European lottos and 50% in the North American Lottos.

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