Australian Lotto

Australian Lotto is commonly known as Tattslotto, Saturday Lotto or Gold Lotto in different regions of Australia. It is a 6/45 lottery game which offers players the chance to make their million dollar dreams come true - every Saturday.

Australian Lotto

The Australian Saturday Lotto game has forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45. Six winning numbers and two supplementary numbers are then randomly selected. To win the first prize, you need to match all six numbers drawn from the barrel. Lower division prizes are determined based on the combination of winning and supplementary numbers you match.

Australian Lotto Draws take place every Saturday at 7.30pm and jackpots start at a healthy AU$4 million. The first division prize increases each week that it is not won - until such time that someone matches all the numbers drawn.

The biggest Australian Lotto jackpot on record is A$47.9 Million won in April 2008.

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